Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a major influence on the health, comfort and productivity of a building’s occupants. With 90% of our time spent indoors, determining the quality of the air that surrounds us is important.

Kanomax has a diverse line-up of instruments to help with all your IAQ testing issues.

Kanomax monitoring equipment arms you with the accurate data you need to optimize the crucial balance between a facility’s energy efficiency and the comfort of the people using it.

handheld-iaq-monitor-300x300The Kanomax IAQ Monitor 2212 features quick start-up and high accuracy in measuring carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide concentration levels in the environment.


  • Temperature and humidity are also simultaneously measured in a handy lightweight design.
  • Simultaneously measures and data log multiple parameters such as: CO, CO2, Temperature, Relative Humidity, to monitor indoor air quality conditions.
  • Calculates Dew Point, Web Bulb Temperature, Absolute Humidity, Humidity Ratio and % Outside Air.
  • Built-in memory allows user to store multiple point measurements. o Equipped with RS232C terminal.
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gasmaster-300x300Providing high level of functionality and monitoring capability, the Gasmaster can be used portably or fixed in position. The monitor is compatible with a full range of gas sensors. The remote sensor head adaptor kit is designed to allow the sensor head to be located up to 46 ft away from the main unit.


  • Interchangeable sensor heads capable of measuring more than 20 types of toxic gases
  • Remote sensor capability
  • Alarm and Analog output available
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handheld-odor-monitor-model-oxm-300x300Handheld Odor meter is ideal for Before and After applications, such as air purification and cleaning service.


  • Numerical value for relative strength of smell
  • Numerical value for classification of smell
  • Handheld Odor meter is ideal for Before and After applications, such as air purification and cleaning service.
  • Real-time sampling mode displays odor change continuously
  • Memory sampling mode saves data based on the selected sampling rate. (up to 32732 data, 511 files)
  • Battery operated with 7 hrs continuous usage
  • Includes: USB Cable, Air Purifying Unit, Activated Carbon, Data Filing Software, 4 X AA Batteries, AC Adaptor and Carrying Case
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