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It’s an analog world – strain, pressure, voltage, current — these are the measurements that your Graphtec instrument will faithfully capture for you. On paper or in memory, or both. Trust these Graphtec instruments for your most important measurements!

Data acquisition (DAQ) is the measurement, recording, analyzing, and presentation of real world phenomena. It includes electrical measurements such as voltage, current, power as well as measurements through sensors and transducers including temperature, pressure, flow, level, strain, acceleration, pH, humidity, and more.

 Selecting the ideal recorders/data loggers depends on your application. Typical factors include sample rates, channel scalability, signal conditioning, sensor types, analysis capability, mobility, and environmental conditions we at Keith Electronics help you with these.

gl100It is modular type that is able to support variety measurement by exchanging the input module. Multiple sensors and the input terminal are available for corresponding to the application.


  • Easy measurement by multifunction input
  • Available the software for PC & Smart devices
  • Possible to check the data in multiple method
  • Reliable measurement with useful functions
  • Typical applications
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image-150x12910 channel Portable Data Logger

Wireless measurement using wireless LAN (option)

Wireless LAN option enables the wireless communication with other device.When the GL240 is set as a station, PC and smart devices will be able to access the WLAN unit directly.

Combining GL100-WL and GL240

GL100-WL cab now be connected to the GL240 as a remote sensor using the WLAN feature.GL240 supports 1 unit of the GL100-WL.

All channel isolated/Universal input, Standalone Multi-Channel

Its compact size contains an isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by inputs to other channels.

Maximum sampling interval of up to 10ms

Provides faster sampling rate 10ms for voltage measurement.

Built-in 4GB Flash memory with SD card support

The new GL series enables reliable long term measurment with its built-in 4GB flash memory and SD card slot for external storage devices.
* The built-in Flash memory is available for units with the following serial numbers, please contact your local representative for the details.


Useful functions

Various functions, such as a bar chart data display, alarm output function, and networking features, are available in the GL240 to assist be conveniently used.


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image-1-300x200Multi-Input Midi Logger

Three types of input system enable to measure various phenomena
Input system 1 : Multifunction analog input ports
Input system 2 : Support digital sensors
Input system 3 : 4 channels of Logic/Pulse inputs
Built-in 4GB Flash memory with SD card support

Displays the data by a bar chart (in firmware ver.1.10 or later)

The integrated data that is measured by the digital sensors can be displayed by a bar chart in the GL840 series.

Alarm output function
Alarm signals can be placed using the four channel alarm output ports based on set conditions for each channel.
* Optional cable (B-513) is required.

USB drive mode
USB drive mode function enables data to be transferred to the PC from GL840 by drag & drop feature.

Navigation function
Simple to use navigation screen allows setting operation for measurement and wireless LAN adapter.

Large easy-to-read 7-inch wide color LCD
Monitoring data can be displayed in waveform or digital form. Parameter settings can be displayed on the screen.

3 Types of Power Source
Choose from AC power supply, DC supply* or the rechargeable battery pack.*
* Optional accessories (B-514 or B-569) are required.

Networking features
Various functions are available using a network.
Web & FTP server function, FTP client function, NTP client function

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gl900_lHigh Speed Data logger

In compliance with various test requirements, this data logger is capable of performing high-speed simultaneous voltage and temperature measurements


  • Easy-to-use upright high-speed isolated 8-channel multifunction logger
  • Data can be captured to PC-friendly USB memory sticks
  • Can be used as an X-Y recorder
  • High-precision temperature measurement even during high-speed sampling
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top-main-imgModular type data acquisition System

The next generation data acquisition unit. To measure the selected signal on demand with selected number of channels and time intervals.


  • Modular system allows expansion upto 200 channels.
  • Suitable for varity of measurement by different type of amplifier.
  • Multiple storages for reliable long term measurements.
  • Easy operation with large display and touch panel.
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